At some point in our lives we need to reflect and even more so now during these challenging times.  Perhaps the questions we need to ask are, "Are we 'on purpose'?" or "What makes our soul sing?"  Worrying about job status, money, being good enough, doing what we are “supposed” to do is often a result of being disconnected from the knowingness in our hearts.  We may distract ourselves through activities such as overworking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, getting involved in other people’s dramas, creating our own dramas etc.  


Sometimes an event in our lives can bring us to crisis point, to a crossroads and this is an opportunity to heal and return balance. In order to heal we need to go on a journey of discovery.  In our busy day to day lives we forget to take time out to look at what is really going on in our lives and how this can have an impact on our mental health and physical bodies.

These ailment are often the result of a deeper root cause.  If we are to completely heal an issue than we need to look below the surface symptoms and go deeper to find the cause, which could be emotional or even spiritual.  Remember, a gardener will not cut the top off a weed, they will dig out the root.

There are many spiritual teachers who talk about the underlying reasons for dis-ease,  Louise Hay was one of them.  In her book “You Can Heal Your Life”, she lists many of the most common dis-eases and gives an underlying reason for them.  For example, she states that the underlying cause of Arthritis is a result of criticism, resentment and feeling unloved, 


We often ignore emotional issues that have occurred in our lives, especially from childhood, and we may continue to play out these issues at work, in relationships etc.  By going to the root of the issue we can begin to heal and this will allow us to re-balance.

Many of my clients have realised that healing takes time, something we struggle with in our fast paced world. A healing session is not a quick fix.  ​The healing journey can be challenging, but for those who stick with it the rewards can be immense and lead to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

I am looking forward to continuing my own healing journey and I hope that I can help to assist you with yours in the future.

Best wishes


"Following the distant healing with Joy I felt refreshed, bright and the headache I had before the session had completely gone.  I can highly recommend her distant healings, they have helped me regain my direction, kept me balanced and really helped me over the past few months."