Most people journey through life doing what they believe they ought to be doing, often driven by the ideas of parents, teachers, society, peers and not necessarily following their heart’s desire.  By not listening and paying attention to our heart we can begin to create deeper issues which can lead to physical ailments.  Some clients often say that they feel lost or that they have no "drive" in life.

I believe that we are here on Earth to follow our purpose, something that is unique to us and something which sits deep within us.  Over the years I have come to recognise from working on the higher spiritual and heart energy centres, that many people have a blockage to their soul desires, which connect into our hearts.

By working with so many clients I have used my intuition to use high vibrational crystal layouts to remove the block to the soul.  Once the person’s energy begins to flow more readily it is then possible to remove the soul blockage.  This is done as part of a crystal session. 

My own soul blockage was removed by a fellow healer and lead to me feeling even more passionate about my work and to take my healing energies to a much higher level.  Once the soul blockage has been removed it is much easier to follow our hearts and to step forward with more energy and purpose in life.

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"I can honestly say that I really do not understand how Joy's crystal treatments work, but I do know they are making a big difference to our overall wellbeing and speed of recovery."