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I was thinking the other day that is was probably a good time to write another blog as the last time was way back in April. The summer has been and gone, although the temperatures have been quite warm these last few days. Over the last few weeks we have experienced cold and then warm weather very quickly which means the body could be struggling already to adjust to these changing conditions. Autumn has arrived and we are now waiting to go into winter. This is the time when we struggle with colds, flu, aches and pains, plus viruses and all those other horrible illnesses which lurk around waiting to attack us. Preparing ourselves is very important so that we can go through the winter months being healthy. The doctors recommend that people have the flu vaccine to help protect them, but with all the publicity about health issues it cause it makes you think twice about making the decision to have it. The flu vaccine is highly publicised. When I was out in the car the other day I must have heard the advert on the radio at least 4 times. This is heavily programming it into people’s consciousness ‘I must get the flu jab.’ A scientist from John Hopkins University Hospital in America who has done a lot of research on the flu vaccine has recently spoken out about some of the effects, I ask you to have a read before you decide to go and have the jab. There are many other resources out there so don’t be afraid to do your own research. The more knowledge you gain the better equipped you are to make these decisions. Don’t just have it because that is what you have always done.

As an alternative therapist I believe that we should take responsibility of our own health, that means eat healthily, sleep well and have a good level of exercise, but also we should be looking at our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as our physical body. A lot of emphasis is placed on healing physical symptoms rather than looking at the person as a whole. Years ago before the medical world as we know it today, doctors always looked at everything that was going on in the person’s life and bring that into consideration.

Unfortunately doctors today are under so much pressure that they physically cannot give their patients the time needed to properly diagnose. I heard on the television the other day that a number of viral and bacterial infections are developing a resistance to antibiotics. Even our bodies are struggling to fight off the infections as our immune systems are under immense stress and bombardment of toxic foods, environments vaccines etc. When I work with my clients I recommend crystals treatments to help strengthen our immune system – even wearing or carrying around certain types of crystals can help. As well as this regular vitamin C and D supplements are definitely something to think about over the winter months as very often our winters are dull and it can be weeks or even months before we see the sun, which is so important to our wellbeing.

I am also very concerned about the amount of people that are suffering from pain. There are lots of pain diseases that are now being diagnosed which were unheard of 30 years ago such as fibromyalgia. I have never worked with someone with this debilitating disease, but it would be very interesting to see whether crystal energy release therapy would help.

What I have discovered when working with crystals is that pain is often due to energy blocks within the body. By freeing up meridian lines, massaging the body with crystals and other techniques can have a massive release for the client. Also there may be some under-lying emotional aspect which needs to be addressed.

Unfortunately a lot of people want a fast healing so going to the doctors to get pain relief is the best choice for them at this time. This only masks the problem - it doesn’t heal it. If we take painkillers on a regular basis we then start to feel better because the tablets have numbed the pain and then we think great I can now go back to doing the things I did before the pain developed. Unfortunately this in not the case and the pain often gets worse leading to further investigations and even surgery or a referral to physiotherapy.

But this can be avoided. I know some people question how a crystal or rock can help me. Well many of these people will be very surprised to learn that they certainly can help you. I have people coming back regularly every month because they feel better and get relief from symptoms that have plagued them for years. Ok, it can be a long journey to get to that amazing state of wellbeing and even now after a number of years people can still get the odd blip when something big is coming up to heal. But, we can explore this together and I help my clients as much as I can, even if it is having a few more extra sessions than normal to get through.

I have seen so many people who were suffering from lots of illnesses, and now they are healthy and happy. Lots of my clients have had lower back pain, an extremely common affliction, which is to do with sacral energy associated with money and relationships. It can take a few sessions to clear but a lot of them are now pain free.

A few years ago I was on holiday with my daughter in Turkey and we made friends with a couple. On the third day of the holiday the lady fell awkwardly and hurt her back she couldn’t even bend down to put her shoes on it was that bad. I spoke to my daughter about whether to offer assistance and she suggested that I ask. Luckily, as always, I had taken a few crystals with me. I mentioned to her what I did and she said she would anything as she felt so bad. She struggled to walk back to her room where I gave her a crystal session. I started to release the meridian lines on her back, then on her front. She was amazed at the results and saw dramatic changes – she was even able to put her shoes on herself. The crystal healing had freed up all the blocked energy and she booked herself in for a massage in the Hammam the next day. I was so pleased that she was now able to enjoy the rest of her holiday. Also because I worked on her the day after she had injured herself the results were much quicker than something that has been left untreated for a long time. I feel people leave things like this because they believe it will go away or because they are able to mask the issue with painkillers, but this has all happened because the body is telling us something. Listen to your body it tells you things every day - it is just about getting in tune with it.

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