A spring clean for the soul

As we enter into the 4th month of the year Spring is now on our doorstep, and we have all those lovely summer months to look forward to. It is a time of new beginnings, and time for us all to start looking after our health and wellbeing. Over the winter months our energy has felt like it has depleted, the lack of sunshine has probably made us feel down and many of us have probably caught some of those winter bugs that have been floating around. With the dullness of the days and the very cold weather it can be hard trying to motivate yourself to start something new.

Maybe this is a time to start asking ourselves some questions.

Why am I here?

Am I on purpose?

Am I happy?

Do I feel fulfilled with what I do in my life?

What are my dreams?

These questions can go on and on, but are we doing anything about it, or are we just muddling along with our lives to patch up how we could be feeling if we were working truly on purpose?

Sometimes we can feel so blocked that these questions can be very hard to answer. We are bogged down with all those old patterns and programming that have been built into us since the day we are born, through our upbringing, schooling, and all the other influences that we adhere to in our daily lives. Life has become so hard that we sometimes forget how happy and fulfilled we could feel on a daily basis.

You’re probably thinking ok I am feeling like this but what can I do to change it?

There are lots of books on the market that can help us start to overcome our problems. The book I recommend to my clients is Louise Hay’s “How To Heal Your Life.” It is easy to read and has loads of affirmations in it to help us to start changing the patterns that have caused illnesses and pain, which can bother us on a daily basis. As an example Louise Hay states that the probable cause of lower back pain is ‘fear of money or lack of support.’ She offers a new thought pattern in an affirmation ‘I trust the process of life. All I need is always taken care of. I am safe.’ The negative pattern is a lack of trust that the universe will not supply us with everything that we need.

As an experience crystal healer I have seen hundreds of clients over the years and in my opinion most illnesses are caused by an intense emotional upset that we have suppressed and which we need to heal.

Our lives can be completely put off course by hurtful and destructive words and actions that we may have experienced as a child. It could be our parents, a teacher, often people we looked up to. If someone tells you that you are useless or that you will never be as intelligent as your sibling, then this moment can have a massive impact on your confidence and self belief and so you spend most of your adult years trying to suppress these painful experiences, even if you might not realise it.

Crystal Healing helps us to clear these old, deeply buried programmes, allowing us to feel better within ourselves. It can have a big impact on our day to day lives and gives us the energy to follow our dreams

Here is a recent testimonial from a client I have been seeing for a number of years: “Since starting sessions with Joy I feel calmer, somehow stronger and more ready to deal with anything. I no longer run on empty. Thank you Joy and I look forward to the onward journey.”

True healing takes time, it cannot be rushed. Sadly so many people are unnecessarily struggling out there, but who do they turn to? The answer is often the medical fraternity who rely heavily on medication, which can often have nasty side effects. Prescription drugs do not resolve emotional issues and old programming, they simply suppress the symptoms. Like a weed it is better to get right to the root of he problem rather than just deal with what is above the surface.

Crystal Healing can help you go to the route of your health problems by looking at you as a holistic being and not just a physical body.

I will be running some taster sessions at my home on Saturday 22 April and Monday 24 April from 10am-4pm. Come along and have a 20 minute taster for £10 and see what it can do for you. Booking is advisable.

Let’s not be held back by old patterns and emotions, let’s make 2017 the year to be on purpose.

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