New year, new you

After all our indulging over Christmas, lots of us turn to New Years resolutions like going to the gym, not drinking, not eating sweet foods, dieting etc, which often doesn't continue through the whole of the year.

I saw on the news last week that over 85% of middle aged people are obese, suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis. Why is this happening?

I would suggets it is mainly due to the lifestyles we have adopted over the years. More and more people are using technology to satisfy their needs; how many times do you see whole families on their phones even when you go to a restaurant for dinner? Conversations don't seem to happen these days.

Why is this happening? Why are we overeating? Why are so many people drinking? Why are a number of people so unwell? These are all questions we need to ask.

For me the bottom line is that most people are unhappy. Everyday people are working in jobs, they stick with them because they need the money. Pressure is put on young people to achieve high standards in education, but how many of them achieve these standards and how do they feel if they don't?

So many people are suffering emotionally and they don't know how to clear it, so what do people do? They turn to drink, food, cakes, sweets, playing technology games. All these things we do to try and help us to feel better.

Of course many people go shopping. How often do we have a great day shopping buying loads of lovely things, feeling fabulous because we are spending loads on ourselves, then when we get home or after a few days we go back to feeling exactly how we did before we went shopping.

Everyone is looking for some spark in their lives. My daughter gave this amazing gift to me for Christmas which now has its special place in my healing room. The quote said “Nourishing myself is a joyful experience and I am worth the time spent on my healing” how true this is.

Ok, we all need to look at what we eat, make sure we are having plenty of exercise, but we also must look after our spiritual, mental and emotional health and well being.

Over the years I have had people say to me that they will treat themselves to a pamper session, or I can't afford to come. I will always remember what one of my dearest clients said, “I consider my healing to be £1 a day which gives me my crystal healing every month." It just goes to show how different people prioritise. It is so easy to dwindle money away but how many people are willing to invest in their healing?

Over the years that I have been practising as a crystal healer I have seen people's lives change considerably. Symptoms of illnesses have improved or gone entirely, they have become stronger, dealt with things differently and many more things. This is because Crystal Healing helps the person get back into balance.

Healing is not a quick fix, we may have to heal throughout our lives and not everyone will come to completeness, but we can help people to feel better about themselves, enjoy life and definitely help clear some of these emotions that are causing so many problems.

It is said that over 85% of disease resonates in the emotional body. All illnesses start out in the spiritual then work their way through the mental and through to the emotional, as this is so close to the physical body if we haven't cleared all the issues, even things that we thought were quite small but caused us so much pain when we were a child, have not been cleared then this can then start the process of causing pain and dis-ease within the physical body.

Sadly the medical world only treats the symptoms so this only masks what is really happening as they don't go anywhere near to the real reason why this has happened. Don't get me wrong the medical world has its place, it's great if someone needs emergency treatment and they do amazing work. But as for true healing the system does struggle to help people feel truly well and happy.

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