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This second blog has been a long time coming, but I hope you enjoy reading this one. This is going to focus on my journey into crystal healing.

I have always loved crystals and I couldn't resist buying a few whenever I went shopping with the children, as they loved going into Isis in Bedford and looking at their amazing display.

Now that I was gaining more confidence in the other therapies and also attracting lots more clients I felt it was the time to venture into crystal healing. As I mentioned in the previous blog, I regularly visited a crystal healer called Gail, who said to me on many occasions that I would eventually do what she did. It seemed out of reach at first but as I continued to grow in confidence I began to believe that this could happen.

When dad died I felt I wanted to use the money he had left me to do something I really wanted to do. It is so easy to waste the money on things that actually when we think about it we do not need. With the financial resources and a new found belief in myself I was getting so excited, but the question I asked myself was where do I go from here? Who do I approach to train me? The lady who trained Gail was not teaching anymore so I was left at a bit of a dead end.

I have a friend who mentioned to me that Suzy Castleman was looking for a reflexologist at her sanctuary. Suzy got in touch with me and had a few sessions, but I feel this was meeting not simply about reflexology, but for the universe to send her to me to give me the name of Andy Carter, who actually trained Suzy at his school. Although she didn't have his phone number I was able to get it from the spiritual society. I managed to get in contact with Andy and he happened to have a few places left for his September course. I excitedly booked on that course and in September 2008 I began my journey into crystal healing.

As the day approached I was getting more and more excited although quite nervous as I didn't know anyone. The old anxiety from school began to creep back in, but before it could settle I received a phone call from Jane, the lady who was going to take this course, asking me if I would mind driving a lady called Jackie to the course. Jackie had a car accident and was unable to drive for long distances. She came from London, her partner was happy to bring her to Felmersham and I would take her on to Kettering. Of course I said yes.

Jackie came to the house we seemed to hit it off straight away and it was good for me to actually be going with someone as I was very nervous. We found the hall very easily and started our first weekend. We learned lots of techniques and also did quite a bit of theory. That weekend was very intense and on the Sunday it bought up lots of emotions with me. Still grieving fro my Dad, I cried quite a lot that day.

As the weeks went on I was growing in confidence and the healing techniques were getting more and more exciting. It began to make sense about how true healing can take place when our bodies become more balanced, I was able to see why people were struggling with life and why they were feeling the way they were. I was beginning to see how the crystals were helping me with my life.

On weekend six - the assessment weekend I was so nervous. But there was no need to be. It went really well and I passed which meant I was able to start practicing. I had done loads of case studies to develop my skills and these people continued to stay on as paid clients.

I had a couple of months off from learning and I then went into the second year which taught us advanced techniques, plus I added an additional three months on to learn the crystal energy release techniques which help clients who suffer with physical pain. All these weekends were very intense and quite emotional for a lot of the students, each week one of us had a major healing crisis but we all came through. I do feel this course did a lot of healing for all of us, but it was well worth it and I would definitely do it all again. I had a fabulous time and I still keep in touch with Andy and Clare and I regularly make trips to purchase their gorgeous crystals from the Crystal Barn.

The crystals have definitely become a big part of my life and I have helped many of my clients feel so much better and even eliminate their pain. I love my job and I especially love seeing my clients feel so different as some of them have struggled, but we have worked together and now a few years down the line they are feeling so much better than when they first came to me.

The crystals and healing is a journey and we have to be patient as it takes time for us to clear all the barriers to true health.

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