Where it all began...

Whilst having thoughts about what I could write for my first blog. It suddenly came to me to write about how I came to start my therapy career.

I guess the first stage was when I won an Indian Head Massage voucher at an event organised by the local Pre-School, which all 3 of my children went to. I was very excited about winning this gift, but it actually took me a good few months to call the therapist and book the treatment. When the day came I was very apprehensive but also quite excited as I had never experienced anything like this before. The therapist came to my house and I sat in a garden chair, it was so relaxing and very enjoyable.

Over the next year or so, I started to find an interest in other therapies. Somebody had recommended that I visit a Crystal Therapist called Gail, so I quickly made the decision and booked a treatment with her. I felt amazing after the first treatment and she asked me whether I would like to be a case study for her. I had three sessions and every time I had a treatment I felt so different. My energy seemed to get lighter, I was feeling more energised and basically a lot happier. I loved these treatments so much that I continued to have them every month, it seemed to help me cope with bringing up three children and a husband who was working away all week.

In 2000 I started to get this very strong urge to become a Reflexologist, the feeling I had was like nothing I had felt before, looking back now, this was very much a calling and was definitely the start of something much bigger. I often wondered where I was getting this feeling as I have very ticklish feet and the thought of someone working on my feet didn't feel that great to me, what was I thinking? At the time it seemed very weird but I continued to go with the flow and I began to research out how and where I could go to study this.

The scariest thing for me was knowing that I would have to go into college to learn to be able to this. School was a place I couldn't wait to get out of, so the thought of me going back to that environment bought back lots of fears and anxieties.

I kept thinking ‘how am I going to go about doing this?’ Well, it is amazing how things come to you. A lady moved into our village who was training in kinesiology a therapy which works through muscle testing. We became very good friends and she helped me to work through all my barriers and to overcome my fears. I decided that maybe some hypnotherapy/EFT could also help, so I had a few sessions doing this as well. Both these treatments helped me considerably with my confidence and especially overcoming all the fears I had as a child.

When researching into the courses at Bedford College I found that they didn't offer a Reflexology course on its own, so after talking to a member of staff I made the decision to enlist on the Anatomy and Physiology course which started in September 2001. After all the therapies and my hard work it then came the day when I needed to enrol at Bedford College. At the time this was very scary for me especially as I hadn't worked since the birth of our first child in 1987. Looking back this was definitely a turning point in my life.

For me the hardest bit was actually going in on the first day to register and get all the details. I went all on my own and whilst I was nervous, I was so pleased as I was finally doing something for myself. Things are never as bad as you expect. I enjoyed the course, made some great friends and although I struggled with the homework and revision I really felt the benefits of overcoming each challenge.

The main thing is I passed the course which was amazing and allowed me to enrol onto the Reflexology course for the following college year. Each week we did an hour of theory and two hours of practical which really helped me as I am more of a hand on learner. I soon found myself putting my hand up to answer the questions – something I never did at school.

My confidence was growing week by week,I was having great fun and loving every minute of my new venture. I passed with distinction in the practical and credit for the theory which I was extremely proud of and my family were too.

The same friends I had made on the other two courses joined me on the Indian Head Massage course again at Bedford College. This time I made a few more great friends who I still continue to swap treatments with now. Again I really enjoyed the course and I finished the course with two distinctions. Not bad for someone who hated school.

This is how my journey began. I couldn’t explain why I was so drawn to massaging people’s feet but by going with the flow and putting in the work I have been able to grow and develop. The best bit is, I feel that I have found something I am good at and passionate about and there is nothing better than working in a job you love.

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