Healing can be done without a person being present, this is called Distant Healing.

Once we recognise that everything is energy and that energy can change form, we can begin to understand that energy can be sent anywhere in the World to someone to assist them in their healing.

I have undertaken distant healing for a number of clients both in the UK and overseas.  It is not essential that the client takes time out during the healing but I do recommend to clients that it helps to find a space to relax during a distant healing.  I will connect with the client’s energy through a short meditation and then begin to work intuitively or dowsing with my pendulum to select and use crystals.

During the session

I use a teddy bear as a surrogate during the healing.  This represents the client and I can essentially undertake a crystal healing as if they were with me.  The session normally lasts for 45 minutes with a 15 minute follow up on Skype or WhatsApp.  I take notes though the healing so that I can report back to the client any issues that I found and what healing work was undertaken.

A distant healing is good for people who may struggle physically to get to a healing in person, have limited time or live a long distance away.

Here are some testimonies of clients who have received distant healing.


blue crystal.jpg

We have both experienced long distance healings with Joy. The results are phenomenal. During the sessions, we both felt the pulls and pressures on our bodies, even though we had no way of knowing what Joy was doing at the time. Afterwards, we needed to rest, but by the following day we were free of the complaints we had going into the session.  We can't explain how this works, we just know it does. We highly recommend Joy and her healing for physical and emotional well being.