Over time issues that have not been dealt with on a spiritual, emotional or mental level can lead to physical dis-ease . Crystal healing works by placing crystals on a person’s body and the area surrounding them. The vibrations of crystals interact with the person’s energy centres and energy field to remove negative energies which can block the natural flow of energy.  This process helps to support the person to heal holistically and restore health and well-being.

The healing properties of crystals are often defined for specific ailments or conditions, but working intuitively with crystals is essential as the combination of crystals selected during a treatment will be specific to the needs of the client.  Crystals can work differently with different people. 


The Western healthcare model focusses on treating the symptoms of a specific condition rather than cause.  This may result in a temporary reprieve from the symptoms but often the symptoms return so a person cannot truly heal.  True well-being comes through spiritual, mental, emotional and physical healing.

Some say there is little scientific evidence to prove that crystals work, but we could argue that this is simply because the experiments have never been conducted.  As a healer I have had amazing results with clients over the years from clearing migraines through to the pain from broken bones.  Please take some time to read some of my clients’ testimonials.


During the Session

Crystal healings are non-invasive and you will be asked to lie on a couch.   I will use a pendulum to dowse your body and energy field to find blockages.  Crystals will be selected specifically for your condition and will be placed on your body.  I will also use a process called Crystal Energy Release where energy blocks are removed at various energy meridian points on the body.  In many cases I will also work on your back with crystals which can help to release energy blocks in your spine and where issues can become deeply programmed into the nervous system.  If you would like to discuss how Crystals Healings might help you please get in touch.

                                                                                                               PRICE PER SESSION £35 


"Since starting sessions with Joy I feeler calmer, somehow stronger and more ready to deal with anything. I no longer run on empty."